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Welcome To Emerging Technology Institute (ETI)

We Are A Center for
Development, Testing, &
Training for Emerging Threats

Who We Are

Our Mission

ETI develops, tests, and integrates emerging technologies to include Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), robotics, and AI with the soldier or first responder through an adaptable multidomain training environment in order to counter emerging threats.

Our Story

ETI founders are from the Robeson County community with ties to Ft Bragg, NC.  We are a combination of local entrepreneurs and military professionals who identified a need for an easy to use facility to train and experiment with emerging technology.

Our People

ETI’s people are our greatest asset.  Our team members include former SOF officers and NCOs, conventional force NCOs, military and civilian drone pilots, engineers, and business entrepreneurs. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

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Our Philosophy

Provide an easy to use training venue with unmatched freedom of maneuver, serve as a business hub for Robeson County growth, and provide a service that contributes to the security of the U.S. at the federal, state, and local levels.

First Responders, the U.S. military, and government agencies often receive new technology without a clear vision or plan for its use.  Furthermore, there is not a full understanding of how to integrate it into mission planning and execution.  New technology is often used in an ad hoc fashion.  Users do not have the time, expertise, and freedom of maneuver to fully understand its capabilities and limitations as well as the ability to develop trouble shooting techniques and contingency plans.  As a result, it is deemed unreliable or not user friendly and quickly discarded.  ETI provides the expertise and the location to serve as that proving ground for new technology.  Organizations and individuals depart ETI confident in how to use the new technology and with a complete understanding of how to integrate it into future missions.