The “heart” of ETI is the training facility which is conveniently located 32 miles southwest of Ft Bragg, NC in Red Springs, NC, and close to many first responder headquarters in eastern North Carolina.  We have a one of a kind indoor and outdoor facility consisting of 156,000 square feet of indoor space and over 43 acres of wooded training areas with two surveyed drop zones (DZ).

We are able to replicate a subterranean environment (SubT) as well as simulate multdomain operations.

Our airspace is Class G with unrestricted flying and night flying waivers and ETI can schedule with little to no notice from our customers (USASOC COA pending).  Furthermore, our flying space includes 1300 meters of unobserved straight-line flight distance.

1.5 mile ATV/HMMWV off road course

75 yard flat range

Counter UAS/EW range

In addition, ETI has land use agreements with local business owners for use of their property as objectives for tactical training.